The greatest value
of MCI is its people i

The capital, know-how, and courage of MCI are to become a flywheel for more and more leaders operating in the e-commerce, OTA, and fintech sectors. We believe that, operating according to the private equity formula, we have the competence and tools necessary to activate the turbo mode for future champions, also ones under the Polish flag. The recipe for being successful in that field is an intricate puzzle consisting of many pieces.

Partners of MCI

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Digital DNA Private Equity

Franz Hoerhager

Why should investors pay more attention to the CEE region?

Handshakes in the unicorn perspective

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Michał Popiołek

What investment banks look for in a PE fund

The 3 drivers of MCI’s success

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Paweł Fornalski & Sebastian Muliński

How to choose the right investor

4 musts of fund relations

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Piotr Sieluk

How to create and correctly scale groups of technological companies

A steering wheel is the driver’s thing

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Ondrej Fryc

Building a champion with the investor’s entrepreneur spirit

How to quickly develop your company in cooperation with your investor

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Magnus Nilsson

Big vision goes with smart investors

How to make grand dreams come true

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Oskar Mielczarek de la Miel

Fintech eruption is not going to stop

How to develop within the European fintech sector

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Andrzej Budzik

Exit in fintech is all about flexibility

How to sell a company in cooperation with an investor

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Krzysztof Bajołek

Building a brand. 5 insights on the pursuit of greatness

How to develop an all-European brand

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Aleksander Kutela

Our future depends on us learning to cooperate

How does cooperation create good conditions for innovation

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Sebestyén László & Tamás Scheidler

Digital strategy is an aggressive strategy

How to speed the digitization of your business model up

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Michal Drozd

Expansion is a function of quality and boldness

How to create an all-European company using smart money

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Luis Amaral

Excellence in the digital world? It’s not an experiment

How to strive towards perfection in a digital world

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Barbara Nowakowska

Successful VC and PE in Poland? Not without entrepreneurship, invention, and perseverance

How to develop a fund longterm on a difficult market

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Jacek Chwedoruk

Is the CEE region ready for the 100 percent private equity?

How to direct the activity of funds in a region

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Uli Kottmann

Tomasz Czechowicz in 8 flashes

How to perceive your investor as a human

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Mounir Guen

Further polarization in private equity investments

What is the dynamics behind investment fund capital

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Tomasz Czechowicz

MCI 3.0? Digital DNA, a strong team and all-European investments

How to learn to swim in the days of the tsunami

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